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Updated: May 15, 2022

Wohhhh. What is A.H.P

A.H.P is the short form of the At Home Project by E-Zero from which you can start your contribution towards your community without the help of any organisation. Well even if you do we are always ready to help.

The problem of e-waste that the globe is facing can not be solved by an individual or an organisation. We all have to come together and make the change.

But How, this is where E-Zero has brought the solution -A.H.P. It is just not needed to come to an event by us or any other organisation. It is you who can start the initiative by finding a small group of individuals. You can gather the e-waste from your neighborhood. After that, you can contact us (If not in India some other organisation) to send us e-waste for recycling, even we can come to you to collect it. This small initiative can prove to be a big change.


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