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At Home Project

We are with you,

The world is currently suffering from the hazardous problem of E-Waste,  no organisation alone can make this intricacy get solved. So all of us must get together to solve this intricacy created by our indulgence.  It is just not possible to get people to join our communities, we must voluntarily understand the enormity of the situation.

But How,

It's just not necessary to come to our place and support us. As a learned man said, serving can be done from anywhere in the world. We here at E-Zero provide you to recycle E-Waste convening at your place.


You just have to start a small club of E-Zeroes and gather all the E-Waste from your neighborhood, this way E-Waste can be convoked on a massive scale and of a vast area. 


After this, one of you can send or inform us to collect all the E-Waste from your region. This would be a huge help in attaining our goal.


Always remember, we are always with you in this, Any assistance needed would be our pleasure.

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