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Vihaan Shah

Founder & CEO

He was 15 when he founded the organisation in his winter vacation of 2021. Since being a 6 year old always had a motivation to repay a debt he had owed to mankind. This led him to the jim-dandy journey that later became to be known as the E-Zero foundation. Working towards his goal he orked step by step, putting his vision as the foremost, he let no backlash hinder his path

Founder's Thoughts

I consider learning as the utmost boon to humanity and believe that one can go beyond his or her destiny through it. For me, learning was not something that could only be gained by academics, journals, but something that was everywhere from hell to heaven, and one can gain as much as he desired. The best learning one can get is the life long lessons.

Our Vision

We at E-Zero wish to form a community for like-minded thinkers who wish to contribute towards mother Earth, striving to bring a change through managing         E-Waste. We wish to change every human live e-waste friendly.


Arya Soni

Website Developer


Aarjav Jain

Office Administrator


Nandini Shelat

Blog Editor


Dhruv Patel

Operations Head


Haimi Kothari

Marketing Executive

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Priyam Desai

Client Relationship Manager

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