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    Events Divyapath School Literacy Programme and Collection Drive Read More Cross Auditorium Drive Literacy Programme Read More Red Cross Donation Camp Literacy Programme Read More

  • Red Cross Donation Camp

    < Back Red Cross Donation Camp Literacy Programme The event included a literacy programme towards the young minds of the country, reasons that will lead tomorrow. The children there suffered from various diseases that required them to receive blood regularly. They were taught the basics of e-waste and how it needs to be recycled effectively. Event Gallery Previous Next

  • Privacy Policy | E-Zero

    Privacy Policy Last Updated On 26 -Dec-2022 Effective Date 25-Oct-2021 This Privacy Policy describes the policies of E-Zero Organisation, 2nd Floor Mrudul Tower, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad-380009, Gujurat 380009, India, email: , phone: 9374822222 on the collection, use and disclosure of your information that we collect when you use our website ( ). (the “Service”). By accessing or using the Service, you are consenting to the collection, use and disclosure of your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If you do not consent to the same, please do not access or use the Service. We may modify this Privacy Policy at any time without any prior notice to you and will post the revised Privacy Policy on the Service. The revised Policy will be effective 180 days from when the revised Policy is posted in the Service and your continued access or use of the Service after such time will constitute your acceptance of the revised Privacy Policy. We therefore recommend that you periodically review this page. INFORMATION WE COLLECT: We will collect and process the following personal information about you: Name Email Mobile HOW WE USE YOUR INFORMATION: We will use the information that we collect about you for the following purposes: Administration info Manage user account If we want to use your information for any other purpose, we will ask you for consent and will use your information only on receiving your consent and then, only for the purpose(s) for which grant consent unless we are required to do otherwise by law. RETENTION OF YOUR INFORMATION: We will retain your personal information with us for 90 days to 2 years after user terminate account or for as long as we need it to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected as detailed in this Privacy Policy. We may need to retain certain information for longer periods such as record-keeping / reporting in accordance with applicable law or for other legitimate reasons like enforcement of legal rights, fraud prevention, etc. Residual anonymous information and aggregate information, neither of which identifies you (directly or indirectly), may be stored indefinitely. YOUR RIGHTS: Depending on the law that applies, you may have a right to access and rectify or erase your personal data or receive a copy of your personal data, restrict or object to the active processing of your data, ask us to share (port) your personal information to another entity, withdraw any consent you provided to us to process your data, a right to lodge a complaint with a statutory authority and such other rights as may be relevant under applicable laws. To exercise these rights, you can write to us at . We will respond to your request in accordance with applicable law. Do note that if you do not allow us to collect or process the required personal information or withdraw the consent to process the same for the required purposes, you may not be able to access or use the services for which your information was sought. COOKIES ETC. To learn more about how we use these and your choices in relation to these tracking technologies, please refer to our Cookie Policy. SECURITY: The security of your information is important to us and we will use reasonable security measures to prevent the loss, misuse or unauthorized alteration of your information under our control. However, given the inherent risks, we cannot guarantee absolute security and consequently, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to us and you do so at your own risk. THIRD PARTY LINKS & USE OF YOUR INFORMATION: Our Service may contain links to other websites that are not operated by us. This Privacy Policy does not address the privacy policy and other practices of any third parties, including any third party operating any website or service that may be accessible via a link on the Service. We strongly advise you to review the privacy policy of every site you visit. We have no control over and assume no responsibility for the content, privacy policies or practices of any third party sites or services. GRIEVANCE / DATA PROTECTION OFFICER: If you have any queries or concerns about the processing of your information that is available with us, you may email our Grievance Officer at E-Zero Organisation, 2nd Floor Mrudul Tower, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad-380009, email: . We will address your concerns in accordance with applicable law.

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    SUPPORT OUR CAUSE by donating us E-Waste First Name Last Name Email Address How do you want to donate Choose an option Address Phone Feedback I agree to the terms & conditions View terms of use DONATE Thank you for helping us make a difference!

  • The Team | E-Zero

    Vihaan Shah Founder & CEO He was 15 when he founded the organisation in his winter vacation of 2021. Since being a 6 year old always had a motivation to repay a debt he had owed to mankind. This led him to the jim-dandy journey that later became to be known as the E-Zero foundation. Working towards his goal he orked step by step, putting his vision as the foremost, he let no backlash hinder his path Founder's Thoughts I consider learning as the utmo st boon to humanity and believe that one can go beyond his or her destiny through it. For me, learning was not something that could only be gained by academics, journals, but something tha t was everywhere from hell to heaven, and one can gain as much as he desired. The best learning one can get is the life long lessons. ​ ​ Our Vision We at E-Zero wish to form a community for like-minded thinkers who wish to contribute towards mother Earth, striving to bring a change through managing E-Waste. We wish to change every human live e-waste friendly. Arya Soni Website Developer Aarjav Jain Office Administrator Nandini Shelat Blog Editor Dhruv Patel Operations Head Haimi Kothari Marketing Executive Priyam Desai Client Relationship Manager

  • E-Zero | E-Waste Management in Ahmedabad

    E-Zero Three simple questio ns, ​ What is E-Waste? Where do we find E-Waste? Why should E-Waste be collected? ​ All electronic waste is known as E-Waste. This means the mobiles we use, the computers we use, the devices, etc . The recycling of e-waste serves a lot of handy purposes. For instance, fortifying human and environmental health by keeping those devices out of junkyards, or even recuperating the chunks within the devices that still have value, and providing manufacturers with recycled metals that can be used to make by-products. About Us, We are the E-Zero group, we recycle electronic waste commonly known as E-Waste in a simplistic but efficient manner that is the Reverse Logisti cs method. We collect the E-Waste donated to us by you. The E-Waste collected is sold to scrap consumers. The money earned is donated to welfare organisations every month. These all actions are possible due to you. Thank You very much for helping this altruistic cause. ​ Know More Clients Why us, Not only E-Zero but thousands of other organisations and millions of other people are trying to make a change, its just not necessary to join us, but it is required to help save our mother Earth. You can join one of the best ways to recycle E-Waste that is the reverse logistics method by joining us, it is even no required to visit us. It can also be done while sitting At Home Project . We just don't recycle E-Waste, but we make you a patron towards the saving of our planet. Why Recycle An average of 60 million tonnes of E-Waste is produced every year Only 8 million worth of raw materials are recovered Once breathe in can cause serious illnesses 45 million worth of raw materials are lost E-Waste in landfills can have harmful effects on ground and air Children have been known from suffering memory and cardovascular issues We made the world a better place to live on ​​Recycled more than 500 kgs of E-Waste Donated more than ₹50,000 to charity. Reached more than 2000 across the country Contact

  • Projects

    Events Divyapath School Literacy Programme and Collection Drive Read More Cross Auditorium Drive Literacy Programme Read More Red Cross Donation Camp Literacy Programme Read More

  • Cross Auditorium Drive

    < Back Cross Auditorium Drive Literacy Programme The event included a group of people gathered for a presentation. They were educated about the effects of e-waste and what they could do to recycle it. An extremely positive response was received following many collection requests. Event Gallery Previous Next

  • Our Method | E-Zero

    Our Method Reverse Logistics ​ Reverse logistics is a method used by many tech companies to recycle E-Waste generated by their products. It is done by the companies to maintain the environmental equation. The reverse logistics method is the identifying and proper recycling of E-Waste. ​ The E-Waste donated to us is of end number of different brands, so this E-Waste cannot be directly given to a specific corporation for recycling. This just may be recycling of E-Waste but does not add significance to the E-Waste. ​ That's when E-Zero comes in, we identify and separate the E-Waste generated by the companies and give back the E-Waste to respective recycling factories the companies own at minimal costs, and these funds are donated to charity worldwide. ​ Though reverse logistics is an effective manner to recycle E-Waste, it still has some cons. There is a high chance that you get a high logistics cost. Nonetheless, problems like the uncertainty of rational returns, meagre labor to handle the returns. What comes under E-Waste We know that electronic stuff, which is not usable, comes under E-Waste. Wait a minute that's it. Briefly, that's it, but if we talk on broader grounds electronic waste can be categorized into many types: ICT and Telecommunications Equipment Office Electronics Large Household Appliances Small Household Appliances Consumer Equipment Medical Equipment Toys leisure and sports equipment Classification

  • A.H.P | E-Zero

    At Home Project We are with you, The world is currently suffering from the hazardous problem of E-Waste, no organisation alone can make this intricacy get solved. So all of us must get together to solve this intricacy created by our indulgence. It is just not possible to get people to join our communities, we must voluntarily understand the enormity of the situation. But How, It's just not necessary to come to our place and support us. As a learned man said, serving can be done from anywhere in the world. We here at E-Zero provide you to recycle E-Waste convening at your place. You just have to start a small club of E-Zeroes and gather all the E-Waste from your neighborhood, this way E-Waste can be convoked on a massive scale and of a vast area. After this, one of you can send or inform us to collect all the E-Waste from your region. This would be a huge help in attaining our goal. Always remember, we are always with you in this, Any assistance needed would be our pleasure. ​ ​ Call +91 74900 49902 Email Follow

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    Contact Us Let's Chat Phone +91 74900 49902 Email Social Media First Name Last Name Email Message Phone Send Thanks for submitting!

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  • Divyapath School

    < Back Divyapath School Literacy Programme and Collection Drive The event includes helping over 2000 students from Divyapath School, Ahmedabad, learn about E-Waste management. The presentation is followed by a 3-day collection drive at the school where students can donate e-waste and strive towards promoting a better community through managing e-waste. Team E-Zero is grateful to the admin and support staff of Divyapath School for making this happen. Event Gallery Previous Next

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