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  • Why is E-Waste Management Essential?

    With disturbing dumping sites, increasing use of plastic and poorly managed waste, the world is walking towards a point where it would become extremely difficult to handle waste.Hence, it is the need of the hour to consider how we manage waste! ‘Waste Management’ refers to handling waste using methods that cause minimal damage to the environment and mankind. It is a vital element in our responsibility towards the planet we call home.We fail to see the multi-dimensional damage that poor management brings to us and thus,overlook the process of handling waste. E-waste is likely to contain hazardous substances like lead,mercury and cadmium which can prove to be lethally harmful if interacted with.Leaching into the environment,these elements can result in high environmental and health costs. Inadequately disposed of e-waste can potentially affect the environment. When e-waste is burnt, for example, hazardous chemicals are released into the air, which can affect plant and animal life and ruin ecosystems. This can result in biodiversity loss, decreased food yields, and other sustainability considerations with extreme economic consequences. Several electrical equipment contain precious minerals such as silver, copper, and aluminium. When e-waste is not effectively managed, these resources are wasted, and the entire economy misses out on the possible benefits of recycling and reusing them. When e-waste is not properly dealt with, it can build up in landfills and other trash disposal facilities, taking up valuable space and diminishing these sites' capacity to manage other forms of debris. This can lead to greater waste management expenses and lost productivity as resources are diverted to address the growing e-waste challenge. At E-Zero, we strive to raise awareness about the necessity of waste management making a unified effort towards a world with reduced waste! source: #blog8 #wastemanagement

  • World NGO Day

    World NGO Day, commemorated on February 27th annually, is a day to honour and recognize the major contributions of Non-Gover nmental Organisations (NGOs) in tackling social, economic, and environmental challenges around the world. NGOs are non-governmental groups that strive to solve a variety of issues such as poverty, healthcare, education, human rights, and environmental sustainability. They have a significant impact in overcoming social service gaps, advocating for underrepresented populations, and advancing social change. International NGO Day is an approach that recognizes the hard work of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and their contribution in improving the lives of people all over the world. As an NGO ourselves,we strive to put our own foot forward to make this world a tad bit better place to experience this precious journey called life! On International NGO Day, we celebrate the remarkable influence that non-governmental organisations have made on our world. NGOs work relentlessly to improve the lives of people all around the world, from relief operations to healthcare and educational projects. One of the most exciting aspects of being a part of a non-governmental organisation is the potential capacity to make a genuine impact in people's lives, sometimes with low resources. We are committed to making a good difference, and to work in a way that has a long-term impact on our community. As we put our best foot forward in order to do our little share of duty towards our planet collectively,all we can feel is gratitude towards holistic,purpose-driven and meaningful NGOs! #blog7 #WorldNGODay

  • International E-Waste Day

    The 5th annual E-Waste day is today, 14th October. More than 200 organizations from 72 different countries and 6 different continents are promoting the message behind today. We at E-Zero wish to do the same. Last year was a year of change. We were able to gather more than 1000 kgs of e-waste but is it enough? No, we at e-zero believe that until and unless there is even 1 kg of e-waste left, the world is far from safe, so let us pledge that we will act in an even more environmentally friendly manner and reduce our waste production this year. So we have decided to expand our recycling base. The amount of waste we will be recycling has been increased by 200%. Wait, this means that more donations can be given to charities. We Thank you all for making it possible for us. It is your donations that are making this possible. We expect you to support us even more, so we can help you contribute to your community. source:

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  • Testimonials | E-Zero

    What People Say, Samesh Rathore Excellent Initiative by the NGO. Really enjoyed the event. The most humble people I have ever met.

  • The Team | E-Zero

    Vihaan Shah Founder & CEO He was 15 when he founded the organisation in his winter vacation of 2021. Since being a 6 year old always had a motivation to repay a debt he had owed to mankind. This led him to the jim-dandy journey that later became to be known as the E-Zero foundation. Working towards his goal he orked step by step, putting his vision as the foremost, he let no backlash hinder his path Founder's Thoughts I consider learning as the utmo st boon to humanity and believe that one can go beyond his or her destiny through it. For me, learning was not something that could only be gained by academics, journals, but something tha t was everywhere from hell to heaven, and one can gain as much as he desired. The best learning one can get is the life long lessons. ​ ​ Our Vision We at E-Zero wish to form a community for like-minded thinkers who wish to contribute towards mother Earth, striving to bring a change through managing E-Waste. We wish to change every human live e-waste friendly. Arya Soni Website Developer Aarjav Jain Office Administrator Nandini Shelat Blog Editor Dhruv Patel Operations Head Haimi Kothari Marketing Executive Priyam Desai Social Media Manager

  • E-Zero | E Waste Management in Ahmedabad

    E-Zero Three simple questio ns, ​ What is E-Waste? Where do we find E-Waste? Why should E-Waste be collected? ​ All electronic waste is known as E-Waste. This means the mobiles we use, the computers we use, the devices, etc . The recycling of e-waste serves a lot of handy purposes. For instance, fortifying human and environmental health by keeping those devices out of junkyards, or even recuperating the chunks within the devices that still have value, and providing manufacturers with recycled metals that can be used to make by-products. About Us, We are the E-Zero group, we recycle electronic waste commonly known as E-Waste in a simplistic but efficient manner that is the Reverse Logisti cs method. We collect the E-Waste donated to us by you. The E-Waste collected is sold to scrap consumers. The money earned is donated to welfare organisations every month. These all actions are possible due to you. Thank You very much for helping this altruistic cause. ​ Know More Clients Why us, Not only E-Zero but thousands of other organisations and millions of other people are trying to make a change, its just not necessary to join us, but it is required to help save our mother Earth. You can join one of the best ways to recycle E-Waste that is the reverse logistics method by joining us, it is even no required to visit us. It can also be done while sitting At Home Project . We just don't recycle E-Waste, but we make you a patron towards the saving of our planet. Why Recycle An average of 60 million tonnes of E-Waste is produced every year Only 8 million worth of raw materials are recovered Once breathe in can cause serious illnesses 45 million worth of raw materials are lost E-Waste in landfills can have harmful effects on ground and air Children have been known from suffering memory and cardovascular issues We made the world a better place to live on ​​Recycled More than 500 kgs of E-Waste Donated more than ₹50,000 to charity. More than 50 E-Zeroes in the team Contact

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