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Our Method



Reverse logistics is a method used by many tech companies to recycle E-Waste generated by their products. It is done by the companies to maintain the environmental equation. The reverse logistics method is the identifying and proper recycling of E-Waste.

The E-Waste donated to us is of end number of different brands, so this E-Waste cannot be directly given to a specific corporation for recycling. This just may be recycling of E-Waste but does not add significance to the E-Waste.

 That's when E-Zero comes in, we identify and separate the E-Waste generated by the companies and give back the E-Waste to respective recycling factories the companies own at minimal costs, and these funds are donated to charity worldwide.

Though reverse logistics is an effective manner to recycle  E-Waste, it still has some cons. There is a high chance that you get a high logistics cost. Nonetheless, problems like the uncertainty of rational returns, meagre labor to handle the returns. 


What comes under E-Waste

We know that electronic stuff, which is not usable, comes under E-Waste. Wait a minute that's it. Briefly, that's it, but if we talk on broader grounds electronic waste can be categorized into many types:

  1. ICT and Telecommunications Equipment

  2. Office Electronics

  3. Large Household Appliances

  4. Small Household Appliances

  5. Consumer Equipment

  6. Medical Equipment

  7. Toys leisure and sports equipment

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