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Why is E-Waste Management Essential?


With disturbing dumping sites, increasing use of plastic and poorly managed waste, the world is walking towards a point where it would become extremely difficult to handle waste.Hence, it is the need of the hour to consider how we manage waste!


‘Waste Management’ refers to handling waste using methods that cause minimal damage to the environment and mankind. It is a vital element in our responsibility towards the planet we call home.We fail to see the multi-dimensional damage that poor management brings to us and thus,overlook the process of handling waste.


E-waste is likely to contain hazardous substances like lead,mercury and cadmium which can prove to be lethally harmful if interacted with.Leaching into the environment,these elements can result in high environmental and health costs.


Inadequately disposed of e-waste can potentially affect the environment. When e-waste is burnt, for example, hazardous chemicals are released into the air, which can affect plant and animal life and ruin ecosystems. This can result in biodiversity loss, decreased food yields, and other sustainability considerations with extreme economic consequences.


Several electrical equipment contain precious minerals such as silver, copper, and aluminium. When e-waste is not effectively managed, these resources are wasted, and the entire economy misses out on the possible benefits of recycling and reusing them.


When e-waste is not properly dealt with, it can build up in landfills and other trash disposal facilities, taking up valuable space and diminishing these sites' capacity to manage other forms of debris. This can lead to greater waste management expenses and lost productivity as resources are diverted to address the growing e-waste challenge.


At E-Zero, we strive to raise awareness about the necessity of waste management making a unified effort towards a world with reduced waste!

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