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International E-Waste Day

The 5th annual E-Waste day is today, 14th October. More than 200 organizations from 72 different countries and 6 different continents are promoting the message behind today.


We at E-Zero wish to do the same. Last year was a year of change. We were able to gather more than 1000 kgs of e-waste but is it enough? No, we at e-zero believe that until and unless there is even 1 kg of e-waste left, the world is far from safe, so let us pledge that we will act in an even more environmentally friendly manner and reduce our waste production this year. So we have decided to expand our recycling base. The amount of waste we will be recycling has been increased by 200%. Wait, this means that more donations can be given to charities.


We Thank you all for making it possible for us. It is your donations that are making this possible. We expect you to support us even more, so we can help you contribute to your community.


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