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Three simple questions,

What is E-Waste?

Where do we find E-Waste? 

Why should E-Waste be collected?

All electronic waste is known as E-Waste. This means the mobiles we use, the computers we use, the devices, etc. The recycling of e-waste serves a lot of handy purposes. For instance, fortifying human and environmental health by keeping those devices out of junkyards, or even recuperating the chunks within the devices that still have value, and providing manufacturers with recycled metals that can be used to make by-products.

About Us,


We are the E-Zero group, we recycle electronic waste commonly known as E-Waste in a simplistic but efficient manner that is the Reverse Logistics method. We collect the E-Waste donated to us by you. The E-Waste collected is sold to scrap consumers. The money earned is donated to welfare organisations every month. These all actions are possible due to you. Thank You very much for helping this altruistic cause. 


Why us,


Not only E-Zero but thousands of other organisations and millions of other people are trying to make a change, its just not necessary to join us, but it is required to help save our mother Earth. You can join one of the best ways to recycle E-Waste that is the reverse logistics method by joining us, it is even no required to visit us. It can also be done while sitting

At Home Project. We just don't recycle E-Waste, but we make you a patron towards the saving of our planet.

Putting Garbage Bag

Why Recycle

An  average of 60  million tonnes of E-Waste is produced every year

Only 8 million worth of raw materials are  recovered

Once breathe in can cause serious illnesses

45 million worth of raw materials are lost

E-Waste in landfills can have harmful effects on ground and air

Children have been known from suffering memory and cardovascular issues

We made the world a better place to live on

​​Recycled more than 500 kgs of E-Waste

Donated more than ₹50,000 to charity.

Reached more than 2000 across the country

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