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Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics is a method used by many e-waste managing organisations to collect and sort e-waste. Today, we are going to talk in detail about this method

Reverse Logistics uses the fundamental of collecting the waste from the consumer and directly supplying to the producer. This may include resale or retail of the waste.

The device after the end of its service has several ways:

  • the use of individual parts of the device (the insides of obsolete gadgets can often be seen in the electronics markets);

  • the use of individual parts as raw materials;

  • processing and disposal of toxic waste.

This different parts are made by different manufacturers, but there is one thing common to all that is they are all part of one finished product and can be reused in the same product.

This makes the basis of reverse logistics. Though the parts are different, but the product is made by a single brand which allows us to categorise it. Though it can take months even years to sort ewaste in such a huge quantity, but it all makes sense in the end. Once it is categorised, it is gradually sent to the manufacturer at nominal cost of the labour in sorting out. As the manufacturers are familiar with their products and require it to make new ones, most of the ewaste is reused making it easy for us to be reused rather than trashed making it harmful for the environment, even depleting our resources

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