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A Deeper Dive Part-1

Updated: May 16, 2022

Well, E-Waste is a vague term. Lets magnify on the term.

It is vital to understand what comes under E-Waste.

Anything that contains electric or circuitry components is called electronic waste.This includes-

  1. ICT and Telecommunications Equipment

  2. Office Electronics

  3. Large Household Appliances

  4. Small Household Appliances

  5. Consumer Equipment

  6. Medical Equipment

  7. Toys leisure and sports equipment

This waste is common everywhere in the world. The more technologically advanced we become the more e-waste is generated. The problem here is not the immense amount of generation e-waste, but the correct and efficient disposal of e-waste which is required.


Disposal by some reputed companies

Most companies like Apple, Dell, and Vodafone have their plans for e-waste management, but it stands no chance against the rest that is left.Nevertheless, this initiative has caused to start a change. It takes years, if not decades, to bring this change on a large scale.



Well, e-waste can be sold if the damaged equipment was new or was bought recently. Ironically people don't sell newly bought stuff until and unless it is broken ,or unsatisfied by the product. People with the recently bought and dameged stuff have the possibility to sell,but here at E-Zero we believe to help and not to business so we have stopped buying e-waste .Finally for the old stuff holders, the last option is donating. Donating this waste can make you contribute towards your community. Moreover, it can be seen as a sacred duty for us to clean the mess from what we invented.


Well a piece of advice

If you wish to donate e-waste, you can donate it to E-Zero Organisation. If any credit is generated from the waste it goes towards people who have meagre resources for education.


A few words of caution

If selling/donating e-waste online, follow the steps for donating by the organisation that are generally listed on their website.

Will be continuing the deeper dive in Blog 4

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